A Vegan sub looking for her Dominant…

They say that you get out what you put in so here goes…everyone likes a concise list right?

Who am I

I’m a strong, free thinking woman, with a desire and willingness to explore and grow.

I am a submissive. I have wonderful play partners but I am now in a place to find a new primary.

Who I am looking for

A confident, secure and free thinking person. Someone strong who can support me in my growth in becoming the best version of myself. A Dominant. I live in the UK, and my preference is to connect with someone local, but am open to online with regular visits.

Age range is 30-45 preferably.

Primary Kinks

Choking, spanking, paddles, caning & rope bondage

Hard limits

Leather, silk, animal names, anal fishing

I am Vegan, so my preference would be to have a Vegan Dominant or at least someone who would be open to a plant based lifestyle. (The impossible niche I know!)

My fet profile and tumblr expose more, but if you are serious and interested in getting to know me then please message me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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